Partner Type:

  • Technical integration


  • Assignment
  • Application Management
  • Administrative System
  • Assessment
  • Admissions
  • Digital Curriculum
  • Blended Learning
  • Adaptive Learning
  • College to Career
  • Learning Management System


  • Higher education
  • Professional education
  • Online tutoring


ActiveClass enables simple social experiences from within learning management systems. Featuring a modern, social-media-inspired UI, ActiveClass encourages conversation, supports various learning models, facilitates diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, and helps address institution's top engagement and retention challenges.

"Turnitin was one of the first integrations we executed on. As a company, ActiveClass is committed to creating simple, familiar social engagements that not only feel intuitive and help build communities of learning, but that also create a space for instructors to seamlessly help students become responsible digital citizens. On top of that, our customers were asking for it! Customers know best."

Nate Hurst

CEO, Co-founder of ActiveClass

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